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Mario Duvall

DaMario Sheppard - CEO 

Mario Duvall Media & Marketing was created by DaMario Sheppard, after realizing his passion for the world of entertainment. His diverse approach to business and networking had opened many doors, even before he could begin to market himself, or brand his company.

Mr. Sheppard  began in Akron, OH by becoming certified in Digital Media, Photography, and Image Manipulation. Afterwards, he moved to Nashville, TN, where he attended High Tech Institute and Tennessee State University's Bachelors of Business Admin program.  Then he joining the United States Navy Submarine Force, in New London, CT.  

Mr. Sheppard currently resides in Charlotte, NC, where he has a huge network of partners in photography, media, fashion, night life, magazines, and event promotions throughout the South East region. He has become well rounded in all aspects of entertainment, and is always looking for another partner, customer, or like minded individuals to connect with.

Come build your image.

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